Here, you can download the latest release of JVComm32 (Version 2.01) and some other useful information.

For people having a registration key, this update is the full new program version. For the others, it's the free JVComm32 demo version. The demo version is not limited in any way with respect to the registered version, but will show some 'demo' stamps on the received pictures.

Please read this information before you download JVComm32

JVComm32 is a program that developed by Eberhard Backeshoff (DK8JV) entirely in his spare time.
It runs on a multitude of different computers and operating system (as long as they are Windows ;-)
He cannot guarantee, however, that JVComm32 runs on any possible combination of Hardware, operating system and system drivers.

He has tested the program with Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 professional, XP and Windows 7.

Pervisell have tested the program with Windows 7 x64 with a Creative Audigy soundcard with excellent results. At last we have found a program that runs on a 64 bit platform.

Please do not ask whether or not JVComm32 will run on your computer system. We just cannot tell because the variety of hardware/ software and driver combinations is almost infinite.

To give you the option of testing JVComm32 on your machine without any financial risk, the free demo version is fully functional. You can download this demo version from this site.

If the program turns out to not run smoothly on your computer, please have a look at the FAQ page on this site. Here, you can find some hints on how to get JVComm32 running on some "nasty" computers.

If you like JVComm32 you can just buy a registration key which makes the free demo version a full registered version.

It is assumed that before registering you have tested the program on your computer carefully.
Please do not register and pay before you know whether or not JVComm32 runs on your computer, and that you are fully satisfied with the program.

We will, of course, always try to give support for whatever problem regarding JVComm32. However, because the author is limited to giving support in his spare time only, He cannot guarantee that he will always able to give this support within
a reasonable period of time.

Please only register after you have read the following items, and if you agree with them:

Download the JVComm32 Quickstart and Troubleshooting Manual in self extracting .exe format (164,864 Bytes)

Download Version 2.01 (Current Release)

Download the complete JVComm32 (2.01) version - agreeing to the terms above
(zipped setup program) 4,431.303 Bytes - instjv201.exe)
After saving the file just run it and follow the on-screen instructions

OR only if you are having problems with the downloading of big files, try to download these three files, instead.

After having downloaded, launch JVDisk.part1.exe and follow the on-screen instructions

Download JVComm32 (2.01) version - Disk 1 - agreeing to the terms above
(Distribution disk 1 of 3, 1,457,664 Bytes - JVDisk.part1.exe)

Download JVComm32 (2.01) version - Disk 2 - agreeing to the terms above
(Distribution disk 2 of 3, 1,457,664 Bytes - JVDisk.part2.rar)

Download JVComm32 (2.01) version - Disk 3 - agreeing to the terms above
(Distribution disk 3 of 3, 1,242,490 Bytes - JVDisk.part3.rar)