E1/T1 G703 Amplifiers
G703 Dual Channel Protected Monitor Point Amplifier
Also available - Dual and Quad Output Amplifiers

Also known as G703 Repeater
G703 Active Balun
and G703 Regenerator
and also used as G703 Distribution Amplifiers (1-4 inputs and 2 - 16 outputs per input)

For applications where signal levels are too low to drive equipment.

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Typical uses:
- Local repeater to drive long cables.
- Interface to 75 ohm or 120 ohm test equipment.
- Distribution Amplifier for Broadcasters etc.
- Amplifier to feed remote protocol analyser via multiplexers.
- Non intrusive tap for monitoring call data


Inputs can be used with 0dB to -30db protected monitor points. (This represents an effective series resistance of 2400 ohms - This value may vary from 470 ohms to 4700 ohms with no signal degradation.) Maximum recommended cable length 1m - 3m depending on local conditions. Please note that we have occasional enquiries for 64 Kb versions; usually this refers to the demultiplexed data channels data rate. The actual data rate of the multiplexed stream is actually 2048 Kb.

Additions to Specification - NEW

Addition 1 - To cater for many requirements for SNMP, you may now request a 9 way D-type that carries NO / NC relay contacts to indicate the status of both power supplies.

Addition 2 - It is often required to drive unconnected channels with an idling signal to avoid alarm conditions. It is now possible to have an HDB3 1:1 2048k G703 signal source incorporated into your rack. This is equivalent to a binary "1" signal.

Addition 3 - If you require a dedicated output to be available for any complete power-fail situation, this is yet another added option. This / these input(s) are directly connected to the output(s) under power-fail and no longer connected to the amplifiers.

Outputs conform to CCITT G703 specification.
2048Kb 75ohm / 120 ohm (E1).
1544 Kb 100 ohm (T1).
Cable Length - 1000 ft typical

BNC sockets
Type BT43 Sockets
Bantam Jacks
RJ45 Connectors
Terminal Blocks
Krone (IDC) Connectors
1.6 / 5.6 (Coaxial)

Various Cable Connections

Power Supply for Single Boxed Amplifier:
7.5 - 12v DC unregulated or 5v DC regulated at 80 mA via 2.1mm x 14mm Power Socket

Power Supply for Racks:
5v DC Regulated
7.5 - 12v DC unregulated
48v DC
54v DC (-54v DC)
115v AC 50/60 Hz
230v AC 50/60 Hz
100-240v AC 50/60 Hz
Other voltages to order

Size of Single Boxed Amplifier:
112 x 62 x 31mm or 120 x 65 x 40mm.

Size of Rack:
19 inches by 1U / 2U / 3U depending on configuration

Weight of Single Boxed Amplifier:
Approximately 220g.