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G703 Amplifier Enquiry Form
Please select the options required and then submit this form for immediate attention. We will then confirm your enquiry with the appropriate type number and price, or reply to your custom requirements. Please note that items marked "Standard" are the quickest to obtain, but even other units only take around another 2 weeks, usually.

Enquiry Form:

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Next, if you have TWO outputs, what type of Output Connectors for the SECOND outputs? (Pick NOT USED if only ONE output)

Would you like the SECOND Output Connectors on the Front or Rear?

Would you like the relay output(s) to interface to SNMP?

Would you like the 1:1 HDB3 module fitted?

Would you like the Power Fail feedthrough option?

Now, What Power Supply would you like to use?

What Bitrate do you require?

What Output Impedance would you like?

If you have checked any "Other" boxes above, please specify the details of your Special Requirements after you have entered all of your details below

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