E1/T1 G703 Amplifiers
Welcome to our Telecommunications page showing just a few of the customised 19 inch racks which we have created in the past. All of these Racks are made to individual technical specifications. For a quote or for more information please go to our enquiry form .

Please note that we are totally tooled up for small quantity production so there are no hidden charges for tooling and there is no minimum quantity for the rack orders. The original and most popular product is the single boxed amplifier shown at the bottom of the page.

6 PCM with BNC input and RJ45 (Pins 1,2) Outputs 2U - All connectors on Rear

20 PCM with BNC inputs and RJ45 (PINS 4,5) outputs3U - All Connectors on Front

4 PCM BT43 Inputs and Outputs 1U - 54v DC Internal PSU

14 PCM BT43 Inputs and Outputs 2U - 54v DC Internal PSU

6 Channel 75 Ohm Distribution Amplifier 1U (1 Input 6 Outputs)

8 Channel 75 Ohm Distribution Amplifier 1U (Dual 1 Input 4 Outputs)

The most cost effective Distribution Amplifier runs from mains power supply
4 Channel 75 Ohm Distribution Amplifier 1U (1 Input 4 Outputs)

8 PCM Bantam Inputs and Outputs 2U - 115-230v 50 / 60Hz PSU

We can also silk-screen to your custom logo

The Original - The Baby in size but the Big Daddy in popularity - the 1 PCM amplifier - You may choose BNC / BT43 / RJ45 Connectors in any Mix 'n Match combination - Dimensions 112mm x 62mm x 31mm